Curriculum Classes

The Chess Institute of Canada (CIC) is proud to offer our specialized chess curriculum classes. These classes are taught in school during class time with homeroom teachers present. The lessons are mandatory for every student in the class, allowing us to reach even those students who would otherwise never be provided with such an opportunity. The teacher’s presence during the class enables him or her to reinforce lessons throughout the rest of the week.

The CIC uses Chess World’s Thinking Different curriculum, which is taught in both elementary schools (Kindergarten to Grade 6) and in middle and high schools (Grades 7 to 12). Classes are taught by trained instructors who are accustomed to teaching a wide range of levels – from the beginner student to the most knowledgeable enthusiast – within one group of students. The instructors are educators first, and chess players second.

These structured programs are designed to relate directly to elements of the regular curriculum. Lessons concurrently emphasize life skills such as goal setting, making & adjusting plans, persevering after setbacks and thinking before acting.

Curriculum classes can be financed by any combination of parent councils, school budgets and additional outside sponsorships and subsidies.

Most schools offer both curriculum chess classes and extra-curricular chess clubs. While the curriculum class is a mandatory program delivered within regular class time, it seldom reaches students in every grade. An extra-curricular club ensures that chess lessons are available to any child desiring them.

Contact us to find out how to get CIC curriculum classes into your school, and for pricing information.