As a parent, I loved to see the kids gain comfort with Zoom so quickly. The kids really looked forward to their “chess club” time, and it was great for our younger son to have a chance to reconnect with his chess club experience from school.

Online conversion of Winter 2020 Clubs

As CIC school clubs switched over starting April 6, 2020 to online delivery for classes scheduled after March 15, students who were already registered for these school clubs automatically had their registrations transferred to this new online club for the remaining classes in the session.

Some were skeptical about whether a school chess club would work effectively as an online option, so we encouraged chess families to try the first one before requesting a credit or refund.

Nevertheless, online classes aren’t a workable option for everyone, so some students weren’t able to continue with us online.

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COVID-19 Refund Policy

We are very excited with our new online options, and we’ve certainly had great feedback from those who have tried them out. However, we do understand that online classes may not be an option for everyone. Please see our official refund policy below.

Official Refund Policy – updated November 2020

Registrants for clubs/classes incomplete as of March 15, 2020 may:

1. Continue in their existing club or class for the remaining weeks of the session as it transfers to Live-Online format.

2. Withdraw and receive a prorated credit for the remaining weeks, which may be used at any time for other Live-Online options or for In-Person options once they resume.

3. Withdraw and request a full or partial refund for the remaining weeks.

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Donating to CIC

Our team is working hard to adapt and survive in this new reality. We also believe that participating in our classes on a regular schedule helps normalize the situation for children. Further, the chess classes themselves help children develop coping skills in making choices, dealing with the unexpected, and reflecting on initial reactions and finding other ways forward, that are highly helpful in stressful situations like this. If you are able to make a special donation to CIC to help us adapt and continue in these times, it would be most appreciated.

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Thank you for offering this experience and for pulling together an online club so quickly. We have been impressed with the level of instruction, the skill of the instructors in managing classes and encouraging thinking and participation. … The kids also are interested in joining with their friends from school so we will definitely recommend the online club to others. Please thank the teachers for providing such a great experience during this unsettling time. The online classes rekindled an interest in chess and we’ve been having a lot of in-person games at home as a result–which is a great way to keep the kids engaged, thinking, and off the more mindless play offered by electronic devices/video games.