[Parker] has been to many summer camps but I think it is fair to say that this is his favourite one yet.  It seems to be a perfect blend of mental, physical and creative activity and he comes home every day so excited to tell us about his activities that day and his chess matches.  Thank you again for putting together such a great camp.

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Winter Break Chess Camp

Our amazing, engaging online instructors are back this winter break for Winter Break Chess Camp 2020, Dec 21-24 and Dec 28-30. Save your spot today!

Ingrid’s Rookie Reindeers Chess Camp (learning to play to checkmate) provides an opportunity for those who have played little to no chess before, while advancing those who already know how all of the pieces move to play a full game to checkmate. This Chess Camp runs 10:00-11:00AM ET each day.

Nick’s Frosty Forks Chess Camp (improving strategy and implementing tactics) provides a changing array of chess lessons, puzzles, activities and game play designed to challenge and entertain your young chess enthusiast. This Chess Camp runs 11:00AM-12:00PM ET and/or 2:00-3:30PM ET.

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